Piece 12…

Christmas, Christmas, my winter mistress,
Fulfill my wishlist,
Christmas, Christmas, mistletoe,
For me, put on a show,
Christmas, Christmas, you know what I like,
Don’t make me ask twice,
Christmas, Christmas, please give me a Scion,
Cause everything is Better With Bryan.

Piece 12…

Piece 9…

Post coffee, pre-life,
Post-Coitus, pre-wife
I’m alive, I’m alive,
Cut through love like a knife,
The bottle of hearts is full of strife,
If love is expressed I wouldn’t be lyin’,
Cause your life will always be Better With Bryan.

Piece 9…

Piece 8…

I’m sleepwalking through life, this life,

This life, a dream, so cold,

Me, getting old,

Time, bold,


No more,

Found my shore,

Swimming, no more a bore,

Better With Bryan, what a score, the score.

Piece 8…

Piece 7…

Let me blow you dandelion,

Your seeds, need to be free,

Your wispy grace upon my face,

Live life not in disgrace.

Oh please let me blow you dandelion,

Nothing can be better than me,

Everything will be Better with Bryan.

Piece 7…

Piece 6…

I’m looking at you,
You are my people,
I’m talking to you,
You are my people,
My body a prison,
My mind my steeple,

Forget being feeble,
For you I say I do,
Don’t become a sheeple,
Don’t lose you,

Inside and out,
I am devout,
Forgetful for life,
I’ll remember tonight,
Hello my wife,
You cut deeper than a knife.

You can say I’m lyin’,
You can say I’m cryin’,
But no matter what,
You can’t say you wouldn’t be Better with Bryan.

Piece 6…

Piece 5…

Love, it takes a while to forget you,

But I, I don’t want to ever live without you,

Forget, forget, forget,

Please take me away now,

Before I make a fool of myself.

Take everything, leave me nothing,

That’s okay because I’m still floating,

Keep me down, put me in the dark,

I don’t care as long as I know you’re near,

I’ll take in another breath and stay underwater for you.

Never too proud, never too happy,

Might explode from how I feel,

Always on my knees, bending backwards,

Broken down and in pieces,

Love, I’ll never forget, tell me what you think, think of me.

Piece 5…

Question the narrative…

I have been hearing and reading a lot about people fighting each other lately. Everywhere I look I see people, who once were friends, now bitter enemies. Closed minded ideals tearing at the fabric of society. I don’t believe this is true but sometimes I feel this way so I am going to say it, 99% of the population are idiots, the 1% that isn’t, well that 1% is in danger of extinction. As the masses follow the media, as they follow those around them, absorbing ideas without ever taking the time and energy to research them, we slowly become more scarce in this world. However we also become more important.

We are each writing and thinking of the things around us. Putting ourselves in places of mindful distress, in order to achieve a better perspective and then share that perspective with the listening world. Be the driving force in this world, drive the 99% to a higher level, all of us together, with a combined effort can revitalize a society on the edge between idealism and fanaticism.

The 99% can be Better with Bryan.


Question the narrative…